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Trend Alert: Head-to-Toe Monochrome–Part 1

One of my favorite trends that we’re seeing pop-up at the beginning of this red carpet season is monochrome. But I’m not talking monochrome clothes, I’m talking both fashion and beauty monochrome–head-to-toe, the same color. It is amazing!

Here’s Sarah Hyland this past Saturday at the Variety And Women In Film’s 2017 Pre-Emmy Celebration:

Embed from Getty Images

I mean, she even lucked up with the step-and-repeat! Literally burgundy as far as the eye can see!

Embed from Getty Images

I’ve always been a sucker for a deep red eye, so it’s no surprise that this beauty look has me swooning hard!

Here’s how you can recreate this gorgeous burgundy monochrome look on your own:

Emily Suggests | Head-to-Toe Monochrome

1. Pixi By Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette | 2. Circus by Sam Edelman Caprice Cranberry Velvet Sneakers | 3. Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Volumizing Mascara | 4. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet Red | 5. H&M Leather Gloves | 6. H&M Calf-Length Satin Skirt | 7. H&M Knit Wool Sweater | 8. Celia Velvet Choker | 9. BP. Quinn Flared Heel Chelsea Bootie in Burgundy Suede


Peace, Love and Monochrome Trends,

You Say Goodbye, but I Say Hello

Emily Suggests | Palm Print for Fall

I think the world is divided evenly between two types of people: Those who LOVE all things summer, and those who live for fall. I am the #pumpkinspiceeverything, crispy-weather loving latter to be sure!

But, even though I love all things fall, I still love bright, bold, cheerful, colorful fashion, which is why I was thrilled to find a long-sleeved palm print dress! Hello, perfect for fall!

Emily Suggests | Palm Print for Fall

Dress: Shein Palm Leaf Print Maxi Dress | Earrings: Fabrik, similar here | Shoes: Lulus, similar here and here | Lipstick: Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Blood Orange | Mani/Pedi: Smith & Cult Regret the Moon

Emily Suggests | Palm Print for Fall

Since velvet is a huge trend for fall, and palm print was huge for summer, I had so much fun pairing the two together for the perfect fall hybrid!

Emily Suggests | Palm Print for Fall

So tell me, are their any summer trends you aren’t quite ready to give up yet?


Peace, Love and Seasonal Skincare,

As Seen on TV: Transition Your Skincare from Summer to Fall

So many people don’t realize you’re supposed to switch your skincare routine with the seasons, so I was very excited to discuss the topic on Atlanta & Company last week! After all, Labor Day is behind us, so it’s ‘officially’ fall (woo-hoo!)!

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She’s So High Above Me

Fall Fashion Trend | Dramatic Ruffles with Rocker Jeans

In case you didn’t know it guys, mama’s got a long waist. That means I usually have to avoid shorter tops, because they end up being crop tops on me, and peplums in general can be problematic, because the ruffle is usually awkwardly high on me.

But I was so excited when I found this top on Romwe, because the ruffles are so dramatic, I knew I could make it work even with my #tallgirlproblems!

Fall Fashion Trend | Dramatic Ruffles with Rocker Jeans

Top: White Crew Neck Ruffle Crop Blouse | Pants: Old Navy Mid-Rise Raw Edge Rockstar Jeans for Women | Shoes: Extremely old but still fabulous from Dollhouse, similar here | Earrings: Old Urban Outfitters, similar here and here | Necklace: Really old, similar here and here.

And since the top is such a statement, I paired it with a bunch of staples from my wardrobe. Seriously, some of these items I have had for a VERY long time! As in, I literally can’t remember where I got the necklace, but it’s a classic, and I always get tons of compliments on it, so I linked some similar styles above.

Fall Fashion Trend | Dramatic Ruffles with Rocker Jeans

I could not be more excited to have a cropped look that works for me! I wore this for date night, and will totally pull it out again for a day of meetings or a night out with the girls (HA! I can’t even write that without laughing. I don’t go out with the girls, I have children! But you could totally wear it for that!).


Peace, Love and Cropped Ruffles,

Pump Up the Jam, Pump It Up

Twiggy Lashes

I really care about my lashes. Like really. They are naturally very blonde, so I really like to play them up when I put on makeup. The whole ‘two coats of mascara’ thing? Yeah, not a thing in my world! I use the mascara wand to apply and comb my lashes for a process that ends up being roughly 37 coats.

So I’ve really been wanting to get lash extensions to make life easier, my face look put together all the time, and basically make sure I can live that #iwokeuplikethis life 24/7.

However, I was apprehensive, because I don’t like that piecey, weird extension look that some people have, and I was also worried about the time commitment–getting a lash appointment every month for my fill-in seemed daunting. A third worry was about being able to play up my look more–I didn’t think I could wear any eyeliner if I had extensions.

My lashes, with makeup, before extensions:


But I decided to go ahead and give it a try, and asked around for recommendations on who the best lash artist was in town, and repeatedly had Raney O’Keefe recommended.

Raney is a freelance lash artist (and makeup artist and hair stylist), and she works out of Hush Beauty Bar in Studioplex in Old Fourth Ward.

I absolutely loved Raney’s energy from the moment I met her, and her work really is impeccable. She uses different brands and styles of lashes to customize the exact look that each client wants, and I have been thrilled with my lashes from the moment they were done.

My lashes, with no makeup, after extensions:


Raney also helped me with some of my apprehensions–first of all, customary fill-ins take place every two to three weeks, which means the appointments are shorter, and it isn’t such a long process. Win!

Also, you can 100% wear eyeliner and shadow with your extensions, so I am able to play up all different types of makeup looks while wearing them.

My lashes, with makeup, after extensions:


As you can see from the photos, the extensions are so much longer and darker than my natural lashes–they really do make my makeup look more dramatic, and of course, make me look like I always have makeup on, even when I don’t! And, if you’re freaking out about how amazing they look (I understand. I wake up every day thrilled to see them.) and want to get some of your own, I have some super exciting news for you!

Raney has offered a special deal for my readers. Just mention my name between now and the end of August, and receive $50 off your first full set of lash extensions! You can contact Raney by calling (360) 960-7375 or emailing raney@raneyokeefe.com to make an appointment, and check out her Instagram page to see some more of her work: @raneyokeefe.

You guys, that is such an amazing offer, and I’m so excited to be able to partner with Raney and offer it to you, my wonderful readers! And let me tell you: Summer is such a great time to get extensions! I am loving not having to wear any makeup and still looking put together!

Let me know when you book your appointment, guys!


Peace, Love and Awesome Eyelashes,

Stylin’, Profilin’, Livin’ It Up in the City

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of hosting the fab’rik store in Peachtree City’s Vacay Chic event. I had so much fun hanging out in the store and helping customers find the perfect items to boost thier wardrobe–I had girls looking for dresses for rush, recent college grads looking for office appropriate looks for their first ‘real’ job and ladies looking for the perfect vacation date night dress. Helping people find clothes that make them feel great about themselves is one of my favorite things in life!


I have always loved fab’rik, and regularly shop there, but right now in particular, I want everything in the store!


The ensemble I wore for the event was head-to-toe fab’rik, and let me tell you, I got so many compliments on those palazzo pants! They are super comfortable, have a really unique wrap structure and have built-in shorts for coverage! Basically you need them, and can get there here. (I’m wearing an XS for reference)

And I was also totally smitten with this little number. It is really unique and flattering and super comfy. I’m actually have major regret right now that I didn’t buy it, and might have to remedy that!


And here are a few more of my favorites in-store and online right now!



1. Asher Laurel Tank in Blue–This baby hangs so perfectly on!
2. These Camden Shorts have so much style and yet are so completely comfy!
3. Paige Ruffle Heel: You guys, it’s heels. With a ruffle.
4. Harlem Harem Jumpsuit–Super unique and surprisingly flattering!
5. Sawyer Satin Cap–This jewel comes in four different colors!
6. Jack by BB Dakota Glynis Dress–So perfect for pretty much any summer activity!
7. Carrick Dress–With the stripes and the button front and the ruffle, this dress is like a dreamy hybrid of about 7 different trends.
8. Sea Breeze Sandal–I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect everyday casual sandal this summer, and here they are, staring me right in the face.
9. Blank NYC Laura Leigh Shorts–These are the perfect cut-offs. They are amazingly comfy, and I have them on my body roughly 75% of the time, no joke.

Peace, Love and Summer Style,

As Seen on TV: Mother/Daughter Vacation Fashion Trends

Man, do I love bringing my smurf to work with me! I did a segment on Atlanta & Company today about mother/daughter vacation fashion, and brought along my very own daughter and some friends. Watch all the fun below, and check the links to everything the models wore!

Nautical Stripes:

Model 1: Striped Off the Shoulder Dress for Girls

Model 2: Tilli Mummy Moon Dress

Model 3: Tiered Maxi Dress

Boho Chic:

Model 1: Kaftan:Get Twisted Maxi Dress; Turban: Mandy Tangerine Ivory Braided Turban

Model 2: Turban: Mandy Tangerine Mini Top Knot Turban; One Loved Babe Key Lime Moccasin


Model 1: Christophe Sauvat Coba Tank Dress

Model 2: Dress: Dodo Bar Or Yehoray Mini Dress; Bag: Soeur Du Maroc Pom Pom Grande Tote

Bold Florals:

Model 1: Marin + Morgan Halter Maxi with Ruffle

Model 2 (me): J.O.A. Fiorenza Ivory Floral Print Jumpsuit


Peace, Love and Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,

Guest Post: Increase Your Blog Traffic with These 6 Steps

Hey Guys, I’m excited to have my first ever guest blogger on the site today! I have been wanting to start getting more involved with other bloggers for a while, and fellow Atlantan Cait of Cait’s Cozy Corner seems like the perfect fit. Plus, what a fun topic! Hello, easy and valuable blogging tips! Read on!
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The Kind of Lovin’ That Can Be So Smooth


I have been wanting to try Botox for a while. And by ‘a while’ I literally mean years. But the good thing about my procrastination is that my forehead just got more lined and creased as I waited!

A second baby and being well into my 30s now, all apprehensions I had previously about going under the needle were gone, and I was ready to embrace Botox.

I went to Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery in Midtown (they also have an office in Alpharetta), and had Dr. Beaty himself inject me. Knowing that I was at a medical office and had an actual surgeon injecting me put any unease I may have had to rest, because I knew I was completely safe and in the most reliable of hands.

Before Botox

Before Botox


As you can see from my ‘at rest’ before shots, I had a significant amount of wrinkles, and honestly, I just felt like I always looked weary. (You can also see my dark circles and janky eyebrow shading, but I definitely have to do the #nofilter thing here, so you can really see my results)

Before Botox

Before Botox


It just didn’t seem to matter how many face masks or peels or Vitamin C serums I used, my forehead always looked older than the rest of my face.

Guess whose forehead can't wrinkle up anymore?

Guess who can’t make this facial expression anymore? This girl!


Before you start saying that I don’t need Botox and other such lovely sentiments, honestly, no one needs Botox in a cosmetic sense of the word (it does wonders for migraines), and being in my 30s, I don’t even fit into the ‘baby Botox’ category of people getting it early. I am the perfect age to get it.

Starting to get Botox early has quite a few benefits. First of all, if you start the process of paralyzing those forehead muscles early, they will actually begin to slowly atrophy, so you’ll need less Botox over time. Another benefit is if someone at my stage of wrinkling gets Botox, I just look healthy and rested to people. If you have tons of wrinkles and get them ‘removed’, it’s a much more obvious change! See, early Botox is all about subtlety, people!

After filling out all the proper paperwork and having a consultation with Dr. Beaty about my expectations and let’s be honest, me going into full beauty reporter mode and asking him about 70,000 questions, it was time to begin.

Pregame jitters

Pregame jitters


Then came the part where I got a little nervous again. It doesn’t matter how badly you want a smooth forehead, there is just something a little weird about having someone stick a needle in it.



So now the first thing everyone wants to know: Does it hurt? Well, ‘hurt’ is a relative term. I’ve gotten a tattoo and microblading (and had two babies sans meds, but let’s not even put that on the same playing field, k?), so I’ve had some invasive-type treatments before.

A little bit of 'ouch'

A little bit of ‘ouch’


But yes, it was uncomfortable getting Botox. Some of the pricks were just uncomfortable, and some of them got all the way painful. Not intense pain, but definitely enough to make me react.

After all my injections, Dr. Beaty applied pressure to my forehead for a little while to basically push all the Botox exactly where it should be (no dimpling!).

I even got a little icepack on my way out!

Friends that Botox together say together!

Friends that Botox together say together!


For about an hour and a half after getting my injections, I had a (fore)head ache. Then, it went away and the waiting game began–it takes about three days for the effects of Botox to ‘kick in’! I had no idea!

Now the second question everyone wants to know: How does it look? Well, see for yourself.


My forehead is completely smooth and refreshed. Also, weirdly, it is shinier than it used to be. Not oily, just shiny. Maybe that ‘shine’ used to sink into my wrinkles? I literally have no idea, but have to give you the full scoop on what I’m seeing.

And then of course the final question everyone wants to know: Do I like it, and will I do it again? Well, the answers are ‘yes’, and ‘I don’t know’. I absolutely love how smooth my forehead looks. I loved my experience at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery.


Another ‘side effect’ of the Botox is that it ‘pushed down’ my forehead, which has in turn slightly changed the shape of my eyebrows. While they used to have more of an arch, now they are more straight across. No one else has mentioned noticing this change, but I can tell–especially when I’m putting on my makeup.

However, perhaps the only real ‘con’ moment I’ve had since getting my Botox was 100% mom emotion. My smurf and I have a game we play during meals sometimes, and an element of it is very quickly raising our eyebrows up and down. Well, guess who can’t do that motion now. The first time I tried and realized I couldn’t resulted in a very hilarious mommy impression from the smurf, and me trying to pretend I wasn’t tearing up about it.

So the ‘will I’ or ‘won’t I’ remains to be seen. I love how my face looks, but is my vanity worth losing some range of motion with my face?

So now, you tell me! Have you ever gotten Botox? What have been your pros and cons?

(all images owned by Emily Suggests and may not be used without permission)


Peace, Love and First Time Botox,

Golden Globes 2017 Recap

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Of course you did. No way you’re reading this blog post if you didn’t. But, did you happen to notice that there were only 4 different dresses there? That’s right. Other than a few noticeable stand-outs (Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel), everyone had on variations of the exact same dress.

First up, White Ice

Gina Rodriguez wore the old Hollywood glamour version:


Drew Barrymore wore the boho glam version:


Sarah Jessica Parker wore the boho meets bridal version:


And Nicole Kidman wore the Princess Bedazzled version:


Then there’s Millie Bobby Brown who opted for the Miss Teen Glam version:


Then the bridge dress here is Emma Stone’s:


Emma then moves us into the Pretty in Pink gown, and Hailey Baldwin demonstrates that even stars who only attended after parties weren’t immune to the 4 dress epidemic:


Laura Dern wore a more colorful, gilded version:


Then Connie Britton softened things up a bit:


Giuliana Rancic decided to add a serious princess spin:


And finally, Lily Collins slipped on this number and basically told all the rest of them to sit down and take notes, because she is the princess forever and ever, amen:


And I promise you guys, this was only scratching the surface! We could have really jumped down this rabbit hole of every dress being the same if none of us had anything else to do. And to wrap up, since everyone always loves my award show superlatives, here they are, 2017 style:









And last but couldn’t be any more not least:



Peace, Love and the Golden Globes,