2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

by Emily L. Foley

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Last night was the Critics’ Choice Awards, and guys, my face is Reese Witherspoon’s face. I am just. so. excited about this year’s awards season fashion! I was apprehensive about how the #blackout would turn out at the Golden Globes, and everything was so couture and fabulous, and I honestly think it was taken even a step further for the Critics’ Choice Awards! So many stunning details!

So, here are my Best Of picks from the evening:

Margot Robbie in Chanel:

For some reason, this dress is polarizing. I legit cannot understand how anyone could hate this gem.

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Kate Bosworth in Brock Collection:

Kate Bosworth is a red carpet treasure. She always brings it, and this lace is completely breathtaking.

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Kiernan Shipka in Delpozo:

Could this be any more fun and playful but still delightfully fashion-forward? (The correct answer is no.)

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Skyler Samuels in Giamba:

I had to look up who Skyler Samuels even is, but homegirl brought it. The lace is magnificent and then an EYEBALL belt? Come on!

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Zoe Kazan in Valentino:

You guys. Long-sleeves, rainbow polka dots AND unexpected color on the sleeves? This is my fashion heaven.

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And since I could pretty much just show you every single dress from the carpet as my favorites, I would be remiss not to mention these, as well:

Honorable Mentions:

Nicole Kidman’s Valentino color:

You can’t wear Barbie pink (and long-sleeves! and polka dots!) on the red carpet and not get a high five from me!

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Greta Gerwig’s Fendi heart detail:

Fun fashion is fun!

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Natalia Dyer’s Erdem floral print:

Floral print on the red carpet=yaaassssssss

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Rachel Brosnahan’s Zuhair Murad beading:

This dress wasn’t an overall favorite, but that beading definitely deserves a nod.

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So, what were your favorites from the night? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!


Peace, Love and Critics’ Choice gowns,