All the Small Things

by Emily L. Foley

p387825-av-01-Lhero You don’t have to spend much time on the interwebs to know that people love all things mini: puppies, kittens, pigs, candy bars, music players: mini=good.

Which is why when I first caught wind that beautyblender was making a miniature version of its best-selling, must-have makeup sponge, I just about lost my shizz.

Just in case you don’t know, the beautyblender is a reusable makeup sponge that is literally every professional makeup artist’s favorite beauty tool on the market. And I’m not talking figurative literally, I mean literal literally. I have interviewed countless makeup artists through the years, and they are all obsessed with their beautyblenders; I have seen many-a model and celebrity getting made up for photo shoots, and without fail, their makeup artists always use a beautyblender.

mini The works the same way as its larger counterpart, but it’s tiny size makes it perfect for precision blending around the eyes, the brow bone, the sides of your nose, etc. And the small size really isn’t just a gimmick. I’ve been using this little baby for a couple of months now, and it’s completely elevated my undereye concealer game.




Here’s the side-by-side with the original beautyblender to help you see just how cute and tiny it is:


The is available for purchase now on, and will hit Sephora stores in September.

*Top photo courtesy of beautyblender, subsequent photos by moi*



Peace, Love and Small Things,