As Cold As Ice To Me

by Emily L. Foley

mint-leaves-on-melting-ice-cube-hd-wallpaper-728x455 A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try a little something called CoolSculpting. If you’ve read the March issue of Allure magazine, than you may have seen a bio about the inventor in their feature about beauty influencers.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that, to put it quite simply, freezes fat cells to death. It’s not immediate–it takes about three months to see full results– and it’s not something for people who need to lose a significant amount of weight, but if you have what I call ‘pinching places’ on your body–those areas that just seem immune to diet and exercise–than CoolSculpting might be just the thing for you.

Currently, CoolSculpting is used most commonly on the love handles and stomach, and can also be used on the upper and lower back, inner thighs and upper arms. Plus, rumor has it that an applicator is being developed for the neck and jawline.

I had my treatment at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery in Alpharetta, and everyone there was amazing. I was a little nervous (duh), and they not only put me at ease, but I also felt like I left the office with new friends.

My ‘pinching place’ is the pooch where my abs should be. Pre-smurf, I dedicated a good six months to every ab exercise known to man, and not only did no abs ever appear, but the fat never diminished, either.









After finding the chosen area, it is marked right around the perimeter.









Then, the applicator is put in position, and when the machine is turned on, it sucks your skin and fat in.









One CoolSculpting treatment lasts an hour, so once you’re hooked up (sucked in), they settle you in to a bed.










The process is not painful, but it is definitely uncomfortable. Unless you like being pinched and cold, of course. But what’s an hour of less than ideal conditions to have fat literally melt (err, freeze) off your body?

At the end of the hour, my skin was bright red, stiff and totally numb. The nurse then kneaded the area for a while, which got rid of some of the stiffness, and I was sent on my way.










The numbness lasted a freakishly long time. Like, for a week, I couldn’t feel it when I touched my stomach–so weird! There was also some bruising and soreness.










And then, gradually, my pooch started ‘deflating’. In fact, the fat on one side metabolized faster than the other, so I could very easily see the results, since one side of my stomach was flatter than the other!

Now that the full three months has passed, my stomach is flatter than it has ever been. Hello, bikini season!

So if you have been contemplating CoolSculpting and wondered if it really works; it does! And if you’re in the Atlanta area and considering CoolSculpting, I cannot recommend Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery enough. Seriously the kindest, most professional team ever.

Also, I’d like to issue my sincerest apology for having to see way more of my belly button than any of you should have to see.


Disclaimer: Services at Beauty Facial Plastic Surgery were provided to me free of charge.


Peace, Love and Cool Technology,