Baby You’re a Superstar, Lookin’ Like You’re Goin’ Far

by Emily L. Foley

If there is one thing I love, it’s finding a super fabulous Atlanta-based beauty company. If there’s one thing I love even more, it’s when said company gets the love they deserve. And you know who fits both of those bills oh-so-well? Little Barn Apothecary.


Little Barn is a line of holistic skincare products made by hand, in small batches from organic, locally-harvested ingredients. It launched earlier this year (as in, 6 months ago), and was founded by two Atlanta-based friends, Joshua and Brad. Joshua worked in the luxury beauty biz for years, while Brad has been in the Atlanta restaurant world.

The friends do everything themselves from recipe testing to packaging design to shipping, and even grow many of the ingredients in their own gardens.

The line is sold in boutiques and spas across the globe (yep, international, baby) as well as at Yes, that’s right. In less than six months, the brand made such an impact that Urban Outfitters snatched them right up! Oh, and they’re working on a special collab with Free People, too. NBD.

Below is a little Q&A with the guys so you can get to know the geniuses behind the brand, and I’ve highlighted a few of my fave products from their line!

ELF: What beauty brands did Joshua work with previously?
LB: Joshua began his tenure in the beauty industry in 1999 working with Aveda, which is where he gained his initial exposure to natural, plant based skincare and beauty. He has also worked in executive level sales and business development roles with Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani Beauty, FarmHouse Fresh and 21 Drops.

ELF: What are some of the ingredients you grow yourselves, and what are some you are hoping to plant/harvest moving forward?
LB: In our garden, you will currently find organic, wild crafted botanicals like Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage, Basil, Rose and Rosemary. We are expanding our garden space botanicals to include Thyme, Chamomile, Calendula and Eucalyptus.

ELF: Now that things are taking off so quickly, are you going to need to hire more staff soon?
At the moment, we hold all product production and ongoing development near and dear to our hearts, as it is important for us to maintain the highest standards and quality control in the making of our goods. We are definitely excited and humbled by the enormous growth and popularity that has come since launching Little Barn Apothecary. As we grow, we’d love to explore opportunities to collaborate with others who are highly passionate within the natural beauty and wellness space and who share our commitment to providing the most efficacious products.

ELF: Did you personally approach brands like Urban Outfitters and Free People about collaborating?
LB: They reached out to us. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with two brands that have been favorites of ours for decades!

I have loved every Little Barn product I’ve tried thus far, but these have to be my faves:

Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser: Of course, activated charcoal is all the rage right now, and by mixing it with aloe, you’re getting a super healing and super calming combo that is amazing for acne-prone skin like mine.





Lemongrass + Basil Air Water: If you want to feel fancy, use something called ‘air water’. For reals. But besides just making you feel good about yourself, this air refresher really works to get rid of cooking smells (I can’t stand smelling dinner hours after dinner), and it doesn’t leave that weird chemical, perfumey smell in the air like pretty much every other air refresher in the world.



Let me know if you’ve tried Little Barn yet, and what your favorites are from the line!


Peace, Love and Atlanta Love,