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2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

Embed from Getty Images Last night was the Critics’ Choice Awards, and guys, my face is Reese Witherspoon’s face. I am just. so. excited about this year’s awards season fashion! I was apprehensive about how the #blackout would turn out at the Golden Globes, and everything was so couture and fabulous, and I honestly think […]

Wishin’ That the Rain Would Go Away

I have always been a hat person, but baseball caps are another story. Pretty much the only time I’ve ever worn them are when I’m doing something really dirty or outdoorsy (which hasn’t happened since college). But, whenever I see people wear cool, trendy caps, I always think I should give it a try! I […]

Fall Must-Haves

You guys, fall is here! I mean, I guess. If you live not where I live. But fall is coming! And I am crazy about all the textures and prints and layers that are trending this fall. Here are some of the items I’m coveting (and buying) for my favorite season right now! 1. H&M […]

Trend Alert: Head-to-Toe Monochrome–Part 1

One of my favorite trends that we’re seeing pop-up at the beginning of this red carpet season is monochrome. But I’m not talking monochrome clothes, I’m talking both fashion and beauty monochrome–head-to-toe, the same color. It is amazing! Here’s Sarah Hyland this past Saturday at the Variety And Women In Film’s 2017 Pre-Emmy Celebration: Embed […]

You Say Goodbye, but I Say Hello

I think the world is divided evenly between two types of people: Those who LOVE all things summer, and those who live for fall. I am the #pumpkinspiceeverything, crispy-weather loving latter to be sure! But, even though I love all things fall, I still love bright, bold, cheerful, colorful fashion, which is why I was […]

She’s So High Above Me

In case you didn’t know it guys, mama’s got a long waist. That means I usually have to avoid shorter tops, because they end up being crop tops on me, and peplums in general can be problematic, because the ruffle is usually awkwardly high on me. But I was so excited when I found this […]

Stylin’, Profilin’, Livin’ It Up in the City

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of hosting the fab’rik store in Peachtree City’s Vacay Chic event. I had so much fun hanging out in the store and helping customers find the perfect items to boost thier wardrobe–I had girls looking for dresses for rush, recent college grads looking for office appropriate looks for […]

As Seen on TV: Mother/Daughter Vacation Fashion Trends

Man, do I love bringing my smurf to work with me! I did a segment on Atlanta & Company today about mother/daughter vacation fashion, and brought along my very own daughter and some friends. Watch all the fun below, and check the links to everything the models wore! Nautical Stripes: Model 1: Striped Off the […]

Golden Globes 2017 Recap

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Of course you did. No way you’re reading this blog post if you didn’t. But, did you happen to notice that there were only 4 different dresses there? That’s right. Other than a few noticeable stand-outs (Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel), everyone had on variations of […]

The Best and Worst of the Met Gala

Man, if there was ever a time to use the term ‘fashion hangover’, it’s today! When you wake up to literally hundreds of emails (more than the Oscars!), and there is absolutely no way you can even begin to talk about everything you want to….that’s a good night for fashion! So, that means it’s Best […]