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The Best and Worst of the White House Corredspondents’ Dinner

So, the White House Correspondents’ dinner was Saturday night. You know, the annual event where all the celebs go to the White House to…correspond. So here’s a rundown of the best and the worst of the night:

I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

The big day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to get shopping! And no matter what your take is on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’re going to be buying at least one gift, amma right? Because even people that bemoan the Hallmark nature of the holiday are still trying to look good to […]

SAG Awards Recap

Saturday night was the SAG Awards, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite awards show! The celebs love it, because they get to eat and hang out with their peers, and the viewers love it because it’s only ‘good’ awards (i.e.: no sound mixing–sorry sound mixers), and it’s a quick two hours long. Another reason I love […]

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As much as I love fashion and clothes, I love being comfortable maybe even more. Which is why my holy grail of fashion is stylish-but-comfy clothes (but isn’t that the case for everyone?). And since I am pretty fresh off of having a baby, the holiday parties I’m RSVPing ‘yes’ to this year, are of […]

The Dreams That You Dare To Dream Really Do Come True

If you’re still looking for an outfit for your upcoming holiday parties or some Holiday gifting inspiration, look no further! 6pm.com is an amazing site that has a massive amount of merchandise from brands you know and love at incredible prices! Here’s how I used the site to inspire my Holiday style with some of […]

Dress the Bump: Stylish Items That You Can Wear Then and Now

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pregnant! And those of you have are/have also been pregnant know that it can be very hard to find stylish, on trend pregnancy clothes. I seriously don’t get it, and I’ve been saying since I was pregnant the first time that I should design my own line. But, I’ve […]

As Seen on TV: Maternity Fashion Trends

It’s always fun to talk fashion trends, and considering my particular set of circumstances at the moment, now seemed like the perfect time to head over to Atlanta & Co. and talk about maternity fashion trends! So if you are pregnant or know someone who is, I hope these tips help you get through the […]

The Best and Worst of the 2015 Emmy Awards

View image | gettyimages.com   Awards shows are supposed to be fun (see Gwendoline Christie and Queen Latifah above), and I’d have to say, last night’s Emmy awards certainly delivered. But, what we all want to see this morning is the round-ups of the fashions, amIright? But rather than just my basic best and worst, […]

Moodboard Monday: Autumn

It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, in my book! Sweaters. Caramel apples. The fair. Walking outside without breaking a sweat. Football. I am a fall girl 100%! So the wonderful season that is almost upon us is the inspiration for today’s moodboard. Enjoy!   1. G for Guess Brookey Combat Boot […]

Moodboard Monday: Lines

I’ve been really feeling strong lines that offer a unique spin on the typical aesthetic lately. They offer such a definitive point of view and a really great fashion visual. So for today’s Moodboard Monday, I offer you a story of lines!   1. Letters From France Two-Piece Heather Gray Dress | 2. Striped Mesh […]