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The 5 Best Butt-Busting Yoga Poses

Confession time: This pregnancy is kicking my butt. As it, making it huge and saggy. It was way easier for me to stay in shape the first time around, but this time, I am having to work (hard) to stay even remotely in shape. And, since I was too nauseous the entire first half to […]

Girl Look At That Body (I Work Out)

While I have never been what I would call ‘athletic’, I have always been a fit and active person. When I was a tween (you know, before being a ‘tween’ was a thing), I did Callanetics videos with my mom on the floor in our bonus room (Triple slow motion? Anyone? Anyone?), in high school, […]

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

                I am an unusual combination of loving the ‘newest and coolest’ treatment/product on the block, and being a pretty big skeptic about things. Which is why when I heard that Flöt SPA had opened in Atlanta, I immediately wanted to try it, but was also pretty unsure […]

As Cold As Ice To Me

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try a little something called CoolSculpting. If you’ve read the March issue of Allure magazine, than you may have seen a bio about the inventor in their feature about beauty influencers. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that, to put it quite simply, freezes fat cells to […]

Oh Yes, I’m a Superwoman

I regularly tell people that I’m ‘trying to have it all’ in life. What I mean is that I’m trying to work full time and have the career that I want, while simultaneously giving my smurf the ‘stay-at-home-mom’ experience (read: I don’t have full time childcare). The result is that I’m stretched to the max, […]