Chris Harrison Twitter Book Club

by Emily L. Foley


The time has finally come! After much discussion on Twitter, we finally have the Chris Harrison Twitter book club scheduled! Join us on July 2 at 8pm EST for an hour-long online book club discussion of Harrison’s debut novel, The Perfect Letter.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting from the book, but I have to tell you, I really loved it! It has absolutely everything that you want from a romance novel: Love, drama, action, twists and turns, a few surprises, sex, a little bit of cheese, and a satisfying ending. And, it’s a super fast read–It only took me one travel day to completely devour the thing.

And, I’ve read my far share of fiction in my day! For years, I was a fiction reviewer for Publishers Weekly, so while my current opinion may not be a professional opinion, if I’d given it to you a few years back, it would have been!


There’s no official RSVP for the group, but I do want you to help out by submitting the book club questions you’d like to discuss during our hour together! I’ll vet all the questions (plus a few of my own), and we’ll likely get through about 10 (depending on how long it takes us to talk about each) before our time together will sadly have to end.



And, exciting news: Mr. Harrison himself plans to join us to answer at least a question or two:

So leave me your book club questions in the comments below and mark your calendar!

Thursday, July 2, 8-9pm EST on Twitter! And we’ll use the hashtag #HarrisonBookClub that night, too.

So if you haven’t gotten your copy of The Perfect Letter yet, you still have time to get it, read it, and join in on our fun!


Peace, Love and Online Book Clubs,