Do You Want to Know a Secret?

by Emily L. Foley


Most people that know me personally know that I don’t wash my hair if I can help it. I never wash it more than once a week, and if I can stretch it a day or two longer, I consider it a personal victory.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the whole ‘no ‘poo’ thing. I love me some products. I’m talking about getting my hair wet at all for a full week.

I remember back in college having a little contest with a friend to see who could go the longest without washing their hair. I honestly don’t remember who won, but I remember bragging to everyone that I had gone five days. Now I scoff at the idea that that was a long time!

And honestly, what started as me just hating how long it takes to wash and dry my hair (a minimum of an hour and a half just for the drying) has now become me taking better care of my hair.

That’s right, did you know that it’s actually bad for your hair to over-wash it? I feel like this concept is slowly making its way in to common culture with the presence of dry shampoo and our consumption of internet articles, but it seems most people still wash their hair way too often–even, gasp, daily!

Of course, I’m fortunate to have really thick, fairly dry hair, which means it’s easier for me to stretch between washings, but no one should be washing their hair every day. No one!

(via June issue of Elle Mexico. Photographed by Santiago Ruisenor)

(via June issue of Elle Mexico. Photographed by Santiago Ruisenor)

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair As Often

1) Every time you wash your hair, you’re getting rid of the natural oils on your hair and scalp, which actually protect and condition your hair.

2) Washing your hair is terrible for your color. Both highlights and lowlights suffer each time they’re washed.

3) Heat styling is bad for your hair. And since you’re using heat tools every time you wash your hair, washing=damaging.

4) Hair looks better a little dirty. Why do you think so many products help create the ‘dirty hair’ texture and look? Because sparkling clean hair isn’t the best hair.

5) It saves time. Seriously. Even if it doesn’t take you as long as me to style your hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So by not washing your hair, you’re basically winning on all fronts! You’re saving time, your hair is healthier, and it looks better. In the words of the latest The Bachelor villainess, Olivia, #winning!

Plus, dirty hair gives you an excuse for wearing fabulous braids and topknots.

So tell me–how often do you wash your hair?


Peace, Love and Dirty Hair,