Dress the Bump: Stylish Items That You Can Wear Then and Now

by Emily L. Foley

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pregnant! And those of you have are/have also been pregnant know that it can be very hard to find stylish, on trend pregnancy clothes. I seriously don’t get it, and I’ve been saying since I was pregnant the first time that I should design my own line.

But, I’ve found that the best way to get around this dilemma is to wear a lot of non-maternity clothes–which can be tricky when every part of your body is growing and spreading!

On the flip side, when I do invest in an item of clothing, I really don’t want to only wear it a couple of weeks and then never be able to wear it again, so when I do get maternity items, I have really been trying to get things that will also fit/work after the baby comes.

The result? Read below! I’ve rounded up 10 trendy Fall items–some of which are maternity and some of which are not–that you can wear while you’re pregnant and after the baby comes (which for me is pretty soon!)

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by Emily L. Foley at Mode


Peace, Love and Easy Preggo Dressing,