Girl Look At That Body (I Work Out)

by Emily L. Foley


While I have never been what I would call ‘athletic’, I have always been a fit and active person.

10682661-callanetics-10-years-younger-in-10-hours When I was a tween (you know, before being a ‘tween’ was a thing), I did Callanetics videos with my mom on the floor in our bonus room (Triple slow motion? Anyone? Anyone?), in high school, I was the Tae Bo queen, and in college, I went to the gym and even dabbled in running (I know, shocking. But the reason I hate running now is because of the shin splints I got in college). Post college, I was a Pilates fiend, and even did a pregnancy version while baking the smurf. All that, combined with healthy eating (I grew up with that mom who wouldn’t let her kids drink soda. Greatest gift ever!!) meant I’ve always felt pretty fit (We won’t discuss that extra 20 pounds in college).

After the smurf was born and I stopped having the luxury of sleeping, I stopped working out. For a long time. A body that never sleeps means a metabolism that never stops, so sure, I lost all the baby weight, plus green smoothies and copious amounts of water is the norm, but I was far from fit. So this summer, three-and-a-half years later, I started a Pilates and yoga regimen, and something has happened: I’ve become obsessed!

Since I am now dealing with both a post-baby and ‘This is 30’- body for the first time in my life, I began to see dramatic differences in my body. Things were getting tighter and higher. The more I worked out, the more I realized just how out-of-shape my body was. And I’ve found that the constant improvements are all the motivation I need to do it more and more. And more and more.


So what’s all this about? A new passion means new things to talk about, so you can expect more health and fitness posts here on the blog. Because seriously, you guys, I’m totally one of ‘those’ people now.







Peace, Love and Gettin’ Fit,