Pump Up the Jam, Pump It Up

by Emily L. Foley

Twiggy Lashes

I really care about my lashes. Like really. They are naturally very blonde, so I really like to play them up when I put on makeup. The whole ‘two coats of mascara’ thing? Yeah, not a thing in my world! I use the mascara wand to apply and comb my lashes for a process that ends up being roughly 37 coats.

So I’ve really been wanting to get lash extensions to make life easier, my face look put together all the time, and basically make sure I can live that #iwokeuplikethis life 24/7.

However, I was apprehensive, because I don’t like that piecey, weird extension look that some people have, and I was also worried about the time commitment–getting a lash appointment every month for my fill-in seemed daunting. A third worry was about being able to play up my look more–I didn’t think I could wear any eyeliner if I had extensions.

My lashes, with makeup, before extensions:


But I decided to go ahead and give it a try, and asked around for recommendations on who the best lash artist was in town, and repeatedly had Raney O’Keefe recommended.

Raney is a freelance lash artist (and makeup artist and hair stylist), and she works out of Hush Beauty Bar in Studioplex in Old Fourth Ward.

I absolutely loved Raney’s energy from the moment I met her, and her work really is impeccable. She uses different brands and styles of lashes to customize the exact look that each client wants, and I have been thrilled with my lashes from the moment they were done.

My lashes, with no makeup, after extensions:


Raney also helped me with some of my apprehensions–first of all, customary fill-ins take place every two to three weeks, which means the appointments are shorter, and it isn’t such a long process. Win!

Also, you can 100% wear eyeliner and shadow with your extensions, so I am able to play up all different types of makeup looks while wearing them.

My lashes, with makeup, after extensions:


As you can see from the photos, the extensions are so much longer and darker than my natural lashes–they really do make my makeup look more dramatic, and of course, make me look like I always have makeup on, even when I don’t! And, if you’re freaking out about how amazing they look (I understand. I wake up every day thrilled to see them.) and want to get some of your own, I have some super exciting news for you!

Raney has offered a special deal for my readers. Just mention my name between now and the end of August, and receive $50 off your first full set of lash extensions! You can contact Raney by calling (360) 960-7375 or emailing raney@raneyokeefe.com to make an appointment, and check out her Instagram page to see some more of her work: @raneyokeefe.

You guys, that is such an amazing offer, and I’m so excited to be able to partner with Raney and offer it to you, my wonderful readers! And let me tell you: Summer is such a great time to get extensions! I am loving not having to wear any makeup and still looking put together!

Let me know when you book your appointment, guys!


Peace, Love and Awesome Eyelashes,