SAG Awards Recap

by Emily L. Foley

Saturday night was the SAG Awards, otherwise known as everyone’s favorite awards show! The celebs love it, because they get to eat and hang out with their peers, and the viewers love it because it’s only ‘good’ awards (i.e.: no sound mixing–sorry sound mixers), and it’s a quick two hours long. Another reason I love it? It was on Saturday night, which meant I didn’t have to stay up late to get my blog post up on Monday. So three cheers for the SAG Awards!

Here are the most important fashion and beauty moments of the night:

I love a good red carpet ‘do that looks doable in real life, which is probably why I love Queen Latiah’s hair so much. It’s super cool, and it looks like something I could recreate at home.


Remember these?


Well, Sola Bamis took those dresses and said, ‘I’m gonna take those giant bows and make them even more giant. And yellow. And asinine.’ But you know what? I think this dress is a marketing tool! Betcha didn’t know her name on Friday. And I bet you’re talking about her now.


You know Gilly from Game of Thrones? Well, allow her real-life counterpart, actress Hannah Murray, to show you the power of makeup:


We can’t go any farther without mentioning Nicole Kidman, who gets a nod for her necklace, a mix between the Heart of the Ocean and Arwen’s Evenstar necklace, and also, for wearing her hair down, which she never does.


I used to feel awkward about how much I adore Kiernan Shipka, because how can a 16-year-old be a style icon? But then I just gave in. The girl is as cool as her clothes, and she was my favorite of the night in her Erdem gown:


The Best Dressed Man was easily Taye Diggs (and no, it’s not just because he follows me on Twitter):


As for makeup, there was a tie for best of the night, with Saoirse Ronan taking one spot, for this dreamy, ethereal look:


And January Jones, who I’ll have a complete ‘how-to’ breakdown for tomorrow:


I have to give Marisa Tomei a shout-out for what is probably the most underrated look of the night. I bet you haven’t seen a lot of talk about her, but the Zuhair Murad gown, the easy waves–it really is fabulous:


And now something I never thought I’d say: Julianne Moore is my worst of the night. It genuinely pains me to say that, since she’s always a dream. And especially when she’s wearing green, because she looks so stunning in (emerald) green. But here we are. And she’s wearing this dress that makes her look awkward and lumpy and sickly. I can totally see this dress looking amazing on a hanger, but fit for the red carpet, it is not. I think the only person that could pull it off is a size 0 high schooler at prom:


And now, the best dressed are:

Naomi Watts. The detail on this Burberry gown is stunning, and she’s a vision, from head to toe:


So, I had no idea who Lily Rabe was, until I imdb’d her while watching the red carpet. Turns out, she’s been in a ton of stuff, just nothing I’ve ever watched. And I guess she doesn’t hit a lot of red carpets, since I’m on those like a hawk. Regardless, I’m head-over-heels for her look! I love canary yellow on the red carpet, and I love print, and she’s gone and given us both with this Lela Rose gown.


The best surprise of the night goes to Anna Faris. I genuinely like Anna. She seems like a cool person and a good mom. But girlfriend struggles on the red carpet. It seems if she manages to get the gown right, there’s a beauty hiccup. But man, she looked amazing! The Naeem Khan gown is tailored and chic (and you know I love a red carpet sleeve!), and the hair and makeup are lovely.


And giving us a major argument for the wonders of strobing is Emilia Clarke. Just a radiant, glowing queen (of dragons):


And of course the saddest part of every awards show, in memoriam, when we look back at the faces that are no longer with us. Like Ray Liotta’s. Goodbye, Ray Liotta’s old face.

Did I miss your best and worst moments of the night? Leave a comment and tell me what they were!


Peace, Love and SAG Awards,