The Best and Worst of the 2015 Emmy Awards

by Emily L. Foley

Awards shows are supposed to be fun (see Gwendoline Christie and Queen Latifah above), and I’d have to say, last night’s Emmy awards certainly delivered. But, what we all want to see this morning is the round-ups of the fashions, amIright? But rather than just my basic best and worst, I decided to do things a little differently, and I’ve listed a few categories below and then selected my best and worst entry for each of those.

Unexpected Color

There was some phenomenal use of color and print last night. I was seriously in heaven! But, someone has to win/lose, so here we go:

Best: Maggie Gyllenhaal–This purple color was a real head-turner, and completely unique last night, plus the combo of navy and bright purple together? Divine.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emmys

Worst: Retta–Girl, I seriously love you. And I love that you like to have fun with fashion, but the bottom of your dress looks like a Hobby Lobby craft project. In preK.

Retta Emmys


Best: Zoe Kazan–I was so mesmerized by this red and white number all night!

Zoe Kazan Emmys

More Best (I like print, okay?): Ellie Kemper–This is just perfection!



Best: January Jones–Breaking the mold with a bright color and pants? Girl, yes.

January Jones-Emmys

Worst: Kiernan Shipka–Uh-oh! We have an on-screen mother/daughter face-off! Everyone knows I love Kiernan and her sense of style, but I just can’t get behind this. The top is such a heavy fabric that the pants need to be something much thinner. As is, the whole thing just reads: heavy.

Kiernan Shipka-Emmys


Worst: Taraji P. Henson–This literally looks like she cut the chains off a playground swing and sewed them on to keep her dress up.


More Worst: Claire Danes–This is a Prada dress. But I’m pretty sure the inspiration came from Arden B club clothes circa 2001. I just can’t with these chains.


Shorter Hemline

Best: Kerry Washington–Is there a lot going on here? Yes. Is Kerry making it work really well? Yes, yes, and more yes.

Kerry Washington-Emmys

Worst: Kathryn Hahn–No comment necessary.

Kathryn Hahn-Emmys

Use of What You’ve Got

Worst: Christina Hendricks–Christina is a stunning human being that looks amazing in a lot of clothes. This is not those clothes.

Christina Hendricks-Emmys

Best: Amy Poehler–There is just so much winning going on here! The hair, the cut-outs, the stacks of chunky bangles and rings. You go, Amy Poehler!

Amy Poehler-Emmys

I Made It To the After Party Even Though I Wasn’t Invited to the Show

Worst: Busy Phillips–Busy is fab, but Busy looks a mess a lot of the time. Tonight is no exception.

Busy Phillips–Emmys

Best: Abigail Breslin–Just like Busy, Abigail often really misses the mark for me with her fashion choices, but I’m totally digging this look! I feel like a lot of people won’t agree with me here, but I think the fringe and feathers are totally fun, and the black is a great contrast with her platinum hair.

Abigail Breslin–Emmys

Total Look

Best: Julianne Hough–I am so loving this whole kiss of the glamorous spider-woman thing Julianne has going on! The whole look is very cohesive head-to-toe, tells a strong story, and it’s a story I love!


Worth Noting

Anna Chlumsky’s hair–There weren’t a lot of super creative hairstyles on the red carpet, which is why Anna’s textured crown braid definitely deserves a mention. Gorg!


And facial expressions–I mean, how can you not want to be BFFs with her after seeing these?


67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

So let’s hear it! Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Let me know in the comments below who you think should be included in these lists!


Peace, Love and Emmys,