The Best and Worst of the Met Gala

by Emily L. Foley

Man, if there was ever a time to use the term ‘fashion hangover’, it’s today! When you wake up to literally hundreds of emails (more than the Oscars!), and there is absolutely no way you can even begin to talk about everything you want to….that’s a good night for fashion!

So, that means it’s Best of time. Because I don’t have the time to blog about, and you don’t have the time to read about every single high or low from last night’s Met Gala, I’m just giving you my ‘best’ in a wealth of categories. And yes. That means I’m not mentioning Ciara’s hair, or Saorise’s dress or even Claire Danes’s perfection (I’ll leave that to everyone else). But here we go:

Best ‘Wait, this isn’t a Halloween party?: Kerry Washington


Best First Impression: Poppy Delevingne


Best Yawn: Madonna
Been there, seen that. We get it.


Best ‘Kerry Washington invited me to her Halloween party’: Chloe Sevigny


Best New Hair Color: Emma Stone
(hashtag obsessed)


Best Weave: Katie Holmes
(She’s flawless head to toe, and I adore her Zac Posen gown, but do you think even for a minute she thought, ‘why did Claire get the light-up dress?’)


Best You Do You, Girl(s): the Olsen Twins
Different theme, same Mary Kate and Ashley


Best Blatant Disregard for the Theme: Zoe Saldana


Best ‘Well, I thought I looked amazing until right now’ moment: Zoe Deutch


Best Merging of Personal Style and the Theme:
Kate Bosworth
Excuse me while I do a little #queen action here.


Best Roger Rabbit Moment: Diane von Furstenberg
It totally looks like she has cartoon butterflies in her hair, right?


Best ‘Wait, which event is this?’ moment: Jessica Chastain


Best Punk Makeup: Kristen Stewart
Seriously, you guys, there must be a gas leak, because I actually love this!


Best Robot Concubine Look:
Lily Collins
That is totally a compliment, by the way. It’s so conceptual and cool!


Best WTF Moment: Solange Knowles
This is a hard category to win on a night like last night. The competition was fierce. But those latex thigh-highs and flat on top mushroom hair clinch the title for Baby Sister.


Best Combat Boots Moment: Jennifer Connelly
Yes, there was more than one.


Best Any Given Sunday: FKA Twigs
She wears this to the grocery store, for real.


Best Controversy of the Night: Sarah Jessica Parker
People freaked out over SJP, because, well, she’s wearing knickers. And because she has set the most insanely high precedent ever (her dress from last year’s Met Gala is literally in a museum). But the look is actually really amazing. The ode to ‘Hamilton’ from an avid Broadway supporter. The over-the-top cameo. The perfect hair and makeup! Yes, girl, yes.


Best Beautiful Space Queen: Nicole Kidman
This might just be my favorite of the night. Seriously, love, love, love!


Best job making the theme elegant: TIED Allison Williams and Emma Roberts


Did I leave out someone you absolutely loved or hated? Let me know in the comments, below!


Peace, Love and The Biggest Night in Fashion,