The Kind of Lovin’ That Can Be So Smooth

by Emily L. Foley


I have been wanting to try Botox for a while. And by ‘a while’ I literally mean years. But the good thing about my procrastination is that my forehead just got more lined and creased as I waited!

A second baby and being well into my 30s now, all apprehensions I had previously about going under the needle were gone, and I was ready to embrace Botox.

I went to Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery in Midtown (they also have an office in Alpharetta), and had Dr. Beaty himself inject me. Knowing that I was at a medical office and had an actual surgeon injecting me put any unease I may have had to rest, because I knew I was completely safe and in the most reliable of hands.

Before Botox

Before Botox


As you can see from my ‘at rest’ before shots, I had a significant amount of wrinkles, and honestly, I just felt like I always looked weary. (You can also see my dark circles and janky eyebrow shading, but I definitely have to do the #nofilter thing here, so you can really see my results)

Before Botox

Before Botox


It just didn’t seem to matter how many face masks or peels or Vitamin C serums I used, my forehead always looked older than the rest of my face.

Guess whose forehead can't wrinkle up anymore?

Guess who can’t make this facial expression anymore? This girl!


Before you start saying that I don’t need Botox and other such lovely sentiments, honestly, no one needs Botox in a cosmetic sense of the word (it does wonders for migraines), and being in my 30s, I don’t even fit into the ‘baby Botox’ category of people getting it early. I am the perfect age to get it.

Starting to get Botox early has quite a few benefits. First of all, if you start the process of paralyzing those forehead muscles early, they will actually begin to slowly atrophy, so you’ll need less Botox over time. Another benefit is if someone at my stage of wrinkling gets Botox, I just look healthy and rested to people. If you have tons of wrinkles and get them ‘removed’, it’s a much more obvious change! See, early Botox is all about subtlety, people!

After filling out all the proper paperwork and having a consultation with Dr. Beaty about my expectations and let’s be honest, me going into full beauty reporter mode and asking him about 70,000 questions, it was time to begin.

Pregame jitters

Pregame jitters


Then came the part where I got a little nervous again. It doesn’t matter how badly you want a smooth forehead, there is just something a little weird about having someone stick a needle in it.



So now the first thing everyone wants to know: Does it hurt? Well, ‘hurt’ is a relative term. I’ve gotten a tattoo and microblading (and had two babies sans meds, but let’s not even put that on the same playing field, k?), so I’ve had some invasive-type treatments before.

A little bit of 'ouch'

A little bit of ‘ouch’


But yes, it was uncomfortable getting Botox. Some of the pricks were just uncomfortable, and some of them got all the way painful. Not intense pain, but definitely enough to make me react.

After all my injections, Dr. Beaty applied pressure to my forehead for a little while to basically push all the Botox exactly where it should be (no dimpling!).

I even got a little icepack on my way out!

Friends that Botox together say together!

Friends that Botox together say together!


For about an hour and a half after getting my injections, I had a (fore)head ache. Then, it went away and the waiting game began–it takes about three days for the effects of Botox to ‘kick in’! I had no idea!

Now the second question everyone wants to know: How does it look? Well, see for yourself.


My forehead is completely smooth and refreshed. Also, weirdly, it is shinier than it used to be. Not oily, just shiny. Maybe that ‘shine’ used to sink into my wrinkles? I literally have no idea, but have to give you the full scoop on what I’m seeing.

And then of course the final question everyone wants to know: Do I like it, and will I do it again? Well, the answers are ‘yes’, and ‘I don’t know’. I absolutely love how smooth my forehead looks. I loved my experience at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery.


Another ‘side effect’ of the Botox is that it ‘pushed down’ my forehead, which has in turn slightly changed the shape of my eyebrows. While they used to have more of an arch, now they are more straight across. No one else has mentioned noticing this change, but I can tell–especially when I’m putting on my makeup.

However, perhaps the only real ‘con’ moment I’ve had since getting my Botox was 100% mom emotion. My smurf and I have a game we play during meals sometimes, and an element of it is very quickly raising our eyebrows up and down. Well, guess who can’t do that motion now. The first time I tried and realized I couldn’t resulted in a very hilarious mommy impression from the smurf, and me trying to pretend I wasn’t tearing up about it.

So the ‘will I’ or ‘won’t I’ remains to be seen. I love how my face looks, but is my vanity worth losing some range of motion with my face?

So now, you tell me! Have you ever gotten Botox? What have been your pros and cons?

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Peace, Love and First Time Botox,