To Be Real

by Emily L. Foley

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

In high school and college, almost all of my friends were brunettes, and I was always jealous of their no makeup look. We could roll out of bed, and they looked so much more put together than I did with my super blonde lashes.

Over the years, I’ve tried to dab a little bit of mascara on my lashes for a slightly less dead ‘no makeup’ look, but it never really works. I always get clumps, or it just ends up looking like I need eyeliner. It’s never given me the look I was seeking.


Enter Benefit Cosmetics’ brand new They’re Real! Tinted Primer. It was made to boost the look of your natural lashes if worn alone, or to amp up the volume if worn under mascara.

When I applied the primer to my natural lashes, I basically felt like it gave me the brunette lashes I’ve always wanted. The formula left my lashes feathery and clump-free, so it really did just make me look more awake, but not like I had on any makeup.

Then as a primer, it helped amp up the volume of my mascara. A lot of mascara primers make my lashes look thicker, but it’s really hard to get there without any clumps (Don’t come at me with the clumpy mascara trend. I hate mascara clumps!). This made my lashes look longer and thicker, but also separated and clump-free–without any combing and fussing!

Here you have the before/primer only/primer and mascara breakdown:


So needless to say, I’m sold! I’m not only wearing this stuff alone almost every day just so I feel better about myself when I look in the mirror (remember: I work from home!), but it’s also become a part of my full makeup routine as a primer.

Do you use a mascara primer? If so, which one?


Peace, Love and Lash Envy,