We Flawless, Ladies Tell ‘Em

by Emily L. Foley

BlendSmart Brush Review

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Despite how #flawless my makeup always looks (ha), I actually have a really hard time with my foundation. I have never really mastered the whole blending thing, even though I have tried every tool out there. I typically use the wet beautyblender, but still feel like I’m wiping a lot of my makeup off rather than just blending it into my face.

Now, when I say I’ve tried every type of brush/tool out there, I legit mean it. So when a PR friend of mine told me about her new client, blendSMART, I wasn’t expecting anything life-changing. Wrong!

How to Flawlessly Blend Your Makeup

blendSMART is a self-rotating brush that basically magically turns you into a professional makeup artist and gives you a perfectly blended, airbrush-look to your foundation. It has three interchangable heads, one for liquid foundation, one for powder and one for blush and bronzer.

And you guys, I cannot say how much I adore this brush! I just put a few dots of foundation around my face, turned on the brush and let it do its thing, and I mean. Gorgeous, well-blended, airbrushed looking makeup! It not only has me using WAY less makeup than with any of my other brushes or blender (or hands alone), but it gives me a more covered, but natural look. In other words, exactly what you want for your makeup!

How to Blend Your Makeup Flawlessly

The brush also feels really cool in your hand–like it made me feel like a total pro just holding it, nevermind my super profesh results.

So I’ve been playing around with my blendSMART and trying all these foundations that I’ve tested over the past few months that I really kinda hated, and guess what? With this brush, pretty much all of them work for me!

Bottom line? The blendSMART is a total game-changer. The Starter Set is $69 and includes the automatic handle and the foundation brush. Then, the blush head and the powder foundation head come separately and are $26 each. A really great price for something that can literally revolutionize your beauty routine, if you ask me. I mean, unless you already manage to put your makeup on perfectly, in which case, big props to you!

How to Blend Your Makeup Flawlessly

I’m seriously not sure where this brush has been my whole life, but you better believe, it’s a permanent part of my beauty routine now.


Peace, Love and Flawless Makeup Application,