Would You Care to Sit With Me For a Cup of English Tea?

by Emily L. Foley


I love discovering new beauty products, which means I love discovering new beauty brands even more. I also love peppermint tea. Like LOVE. So when I stumbled upon Miyu Beauty, it was like I hit the jackpot, since it combines beauty products and tea. That’s right, tea.

Founded by Connie Tai, the brand new line combines the idea of topical skincare treatment and inner health by selling skincare/tea duets.

I was already super excited when I heard about the line, and that excitement grew when a beautiful package arrived at my door. Packaging is so important, and this stuff is so elegant. It just screams vintage-inspired luxury. Plus, the press info was tied with a lace ribbon, had an imprinted doily and my name hand-written in calligraphy. Seriously, sold.


I received the De-Stress Mi Pairing, which features a beauty essence–a fusion of a facial mist and a serum that smells like peppermint and instantly soothes the skin–and a peppermint tea.

Miyu says you’ll love this pairing if: “You’re someone who multi-tasks from dawn till dusk, are strained from pressing timelines or are just naturally type A.” Translation: If you’re Emily L. Foley.

I’ve been using the essence in place of my toner in the mornings, and I love the instant pick-me-up the smell offers, and the calming effect it has on my skin.


As for the tea, I’ve been drinking it every afternoon to bring me a little balance when I’m starting to stress about ‘getting it all done’ before it’s time to make the smurf dinner.

The other pairing Miyu offers is a hydrating essence and green rooibos and goji berry tea. Great for people with dry, aging skin.

And, if all this doesn’t convince you, the line is now available at Anthropologie.com, and I mean, how fabulous is everything sold there?


Let me know if you try the line and what you think! Oh, and P.S. I’m going to go ahead and recommend all of you get one of these pairings for your mom this year–perfect Mother’s Day gift!



Peace, Love and a Spot of Tea,